Little boy, pointing at juice boxes: I want Clifford!
Mom: No! Those aren't organic!

–Uptown Fairway

Suit: You know any good bars around here?
Nerd: No. This area is too cool for me.

–Ave A, between 6th & 7th

Girl #1, holding bottle of water: Do you think this water is bad?
Girl #2: How long have you had it for?
Girl #1: I don't know, I found it in my freezer.
Girl #2: No, it's probably good, freezing things keep them fresh.

–9th St & Ave A

Headline by: Nick Pollotta

· “…. According to the Jeffrey Dahmer Cookbook” – the amoeba
· “As I Learned at Grave-Digging Camp” – Muse on the Loose
· “But Just to Be Safe, I Would Boil It” – Max Million
· “Every Night I Put My Pussy on Ice” – DickintheHandisWorthTwoBushes
· “Just Ask Walt Disney’s Head” – PeterG
· “Just Look What It Does for Nipples!” – Nick Pollotta
· “Water, Sperm, Human Hearts…” – loves fresh sperm, personally

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Six-year-old boy pushing shopping cart: Daddy, look! Beer!
Dad: Yes, that’s beer.
Six-year-old boy: We have to get some beer.
Dad: No, we’re not getting any beer today.
Six-year-old boy, bummed: Okay, we won’t get any beer today.

–Gristedes Supermarket, 40th & 2nd

TSA employee to people in line: All liquids and gels are prohibited beyond this point. Dispose of them now.
Four-year-old boy to father: Aw, man! Does that mean I have to get rid of my pimp juice?


Yankee fan: Yeah, I'll have a grilled chicken sandwich and a vanilla iced coffee.
Apathetic cashier: Crispy chicken sandwich?
Yankee fan: No, grilled, sorry about that–I thought I said grilled.
Apathetic cashier: And you wanted a Diet Coke?
Yankee fan: No, a vanilla iced coffee.
Cashier: Oh.

–McDonald's, Yankee Stadium

Overheard by: Rachel W.

Girl #1: So how did you meet him?
Girl #2: He just came up to me on the street and asked me my name… Then he asked me if I wanted to get a drink, so I took him to the bar everyone was at.
Girl #1: Then what happened?
Girl #2: Then we fucked.
Girl #1: What? Just like that?
Girl #2: Yeah, I can hardly remember, but we left the bar, grabbed a cab, went to my dorm and then we fucked.

–CVS, 9th & 58th

Guy from restaurant to hobo: Hey, do you want something to drink?
Hobo: Sure, what do you have?
Guy from restaurant: Pepsi, Coke, Sprite…
Hobo: Anything diet?

–75th & Broadway

Overheard by: uneditedtales

Ditzy runner #1: So I was like “did you use your juicer?” and he was like “yeah, but it went bad” and I was like “how did it go bad?” and he was like “well, I juiced a potato!”
Ditzy runner #2: A potato?
Ditzy runner #1, pleased with her story: a potato.

–Central Park, During JP Morgan Chase 5K Run

Customer: Um, excuse me, I ordered a root beer float, but you gave me a beer float.
Burger girl: Oh my god… I’m sorry.
Customer: I mean, I like your custard, and I like beer, but…
Random guy: Hey, can I have it?

–The Shake Shack

Overheard by: craig and cory