Suit #1: I haven’t had a regular check up in years, but I’ve had about five MRIs. There’s a lot going on in my head.
Suit #2: Yeah, everything but a full head of hair!

–6 train

Suit #1: Whoa! Check out that hooker.
Suit #2: That’s not a hooker, that’s a dancer.
Suit #1, laughing: How can you tell the difference?
Nearby woman: That’s just rude. That girl isn’t a prostitute.
Suit #1: Who the hell are you, her mother?

–53rd & Broadway

Overheard by: Bella

Suit, after taking cashier’s photo on his cellphone: See how photogenic you are?
Cashier: Why did he just take a picture of me?
Next customer: That was creepy.
Barista: That was creepy.

–Starbucks, E 51st St

Overheard by: Chuckell

Suit: And then guess what I told her?
Creep: Plastic poison!
Suit: Exactly!
Creep: He-he-he.


Guy #1: Sam better on his way to this meeting too.
Guy #2: Let me call the office and check if he’s left yet…Sam, what’s up, man? Where are you?

–E train

Female suit: I gotta piss like a fucking camel!
Male suit: Cross your damn legs.

–A Train

Overheard by: Nice to know…

Tween boy with box of candy: Yo, wanna buy a candy bar?
Suit: No, thanks. I’m good.
Tween boy: Well, I’m not, asshole. Buy a goddamn candy bar!

–Columbus Circle

Overheard by: Charlie

Suit #1: Anal leakage… I’m sorry, man.
Suit #2: Yup. No joke, though. That’s the first and last time I’ll be doing that.
Suit #1: Was she hot?
Suit #2: Couldn’t tell. I had my eyes closed the whole time.

–6 train

Crazy hobo with guitar to stranger: Damn… you invited a lot of people.

–1 Train

Hobo to young married couple: I have found the promised land. Seriously. I'd get a plane ticket right now, but it'd be cheaper to go to confession for a week and then get hit by a bus. Remind me to tell you about this later.

–Times Square

Overheard by: Oliver

Grimy hobo: Hey, do you guys have any change? Hey, do you guys have any change?
(20-something girl walks past him, with businessman a few steps behind) Hey, do you guys want to have sex? Uh, I mean…

–W 3rd & Thompson

Hobo, taking donations to help the homeless, counting coins: 25…50…60… (grabs fistful of coins sticks in pocket) Tax rebate!

–Union Square